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"New Letters to Esterhazy - Sonata 1"


“Guenther’s seamless, mood-shifting, jaw-drop-inspiring improvisations communicated beyond chronological time, outside cultures and stock sounds for particular instruments. His unique painting of sentiment, concerns and cultural contrasts from our time reach us with a much needed freshness in the concert format.”

4 May 2024

Krakatoa - Volcanic Cataclysm, Shockwaves & Sunsets with composer-violinist Rupert Guenther

Based on the events of the very physical shockwaves embracing the eruption (and actually the complete explosion of the entire Island) of Krakatoa on 27th August in 1883, this new work Krakatoa - Volcanic Cataclysm, Shockwaves & Sunsets for solo violin in 5 movements describes the event through music, and the energy of shockwaves, volcanic ash and a huge Tsunami it sent out into the oceans and nearby lands, and for several years afterwards the red sunsets it caused all over the world from the volcanic ash in the atmosphere.

Rupert Guenther is a Perth-based Vienna-trained violinist-composer. His output of works since 2002 has seen over 35 albums and thousands of concerts premiering almost a thousand new works, entirely through improvisation, utilising tonal, free-tonal and soundscape modalities. He specialises in bespoke concerts of inspired new works and sonatas of his own breathtaking improvisations.



Artist Statement

"My ethos for music and the arts - and life - is entirely built on uplifting people to feel safe to explore, discover and develop themselves holistically in humanistic values such as compassion, kindness, boundaries, inclusiveness, collaboration and cooperation as the wellbeing foundations of our work together so that they can restore the biggest missing piece in their education: their self-esteem. It is the one underlying factor in all of holistic wellness.
I subscribe to life-long learning, and that we always need to be working on ourselves side-by-side with our art-form to be of any value in selfless service to humanity and the planet. 
I seek to collaborate with other likeminded arts practitioners, arts administrators, teachers, government ministers and cultural leaders on the grounds of demonstrating cooperative/group leadership, listening, appreciating differences, having good boundaries, not judging but accepting as the starting point always, factoring in the value of and need for problem solving and healing time in our lives, and using best practice pathways for wellbeing in our communication, education, coaching, mentoring and career approaches, and incorporating other positive professional wellbeing inputs depending on the individual’s needs. I work in the long view of positive societal and cultural change, in fluid delivery frameworks, with regular review, and evaluation of feedback & reflections.”