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Put your speakers ON and enjoy your own private concert right here! (Just click the music player on the left). Listen to hours of amazing music created from the light within the heart, played entirely through improvisation. Buy whatever music touches your heart from my online shop. Choose from the sounds of classical, ambient/meditation & world music, rock music, or try some out-there experimental soundscapes.

Come to my awesome improvisation workshops, or have individual lessons (available on Skype webcam wherever you are!) and make violin playing easy and rewarding for yourself at last. There's heaps of professional development courses and masterclasses for pro's as well.

Click here for over 80 videos on Cosmosis mentoringhow to heal your personal woundedness, and making your life about loving and respecting yourself, and from there being a healing presence for yourself and the planet. Most people can relate to the sense in that.

Thank you for visiting my site. Enjoy having an explore, and I hope you find some things which inspire you to consider what your own vision is for yourself and our lovely little planet. I invite you to explore all the music, courses, Cosmosis tools and videos, and ponder on joining me and so many like-minded people in creating a new paradigm for humanity

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international concert artist & teacher, author, holistic performance trainer & Cosmosis mentor

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