Artist Talk: Journeys

22-10-2023 12:00 pm
WA Museum Boola Bardip, Perth, WA

A unique behind-the-scenes artist talk based on Rupert Guenther's upcoming “Ancient Messengers” concert at the WA Museum, and explains the creative journey of taking inspirations from visual, scientific, historic and cultural evidence and turning it into an array of evocative music and text.

No booking required. Cost is included in the general admission to the museum.

Journeys Concert - WA Museum Boola Bardip Perth

09-11-2023 6:00 pm
WA Treaures Gallery, Hackett Hall, WA Museum Boola Bardip, Perth

The “Journeys” concert on one level explores through music, large screen imagery and narration, human civilisations over a timespan of a million years, and their endless movement from place to place. It especially looks into the internal and external forces and needs which underlie these migrations - forces which have pushed humanity whether ready or not, from basic safety and the needs of shelter and food, through concepts of community, inclusion or exclusion, to grander scales of power and its laws, but also the often dramatic changes and upheavals wrought by natural forces throughout time. Equally, on another level, the concert examines the psychology of humanity’s responses to crises, of where we either make the choice of contracting in fear or blame, or where we continue finding meaning in all forms of existence, even the most painful ones, and thus a reason to continue living and finding steps forward.

Sunset Grooves

03-12-2023 6:30 pm
The Quary Ampitheathre, City Beach WA

A Concert of world music.

Registration and more information coming soon.

Born Under A Bad Sign

27-01-2024 6:30 pm
The Quary Ampitheathre, City Beach WA

Blues Show.

Registration and more information coming soon.